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Hiring Foreign Interns in Peru

08-05-2018 Legalities

By RGB Avocats - Corporate Lawyers in Peru Hiring foreign internes may provide some fresh dynamic...

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Incas in Norway?

08-05-2018 Articles

By Jim Plunkett In April of 2006, the grandson of the famous Norwegian explorer, Thor Heyerdahl w...

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Kon Tiki to Tangaroa

08-05-2018 Articles

How the passion of a Norwegian adventurer led to amazing discoveries By Jim Plunkett There is ...

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La Femme Peruana

08-05-2018 Articles

By Jim Plunkett Someone asked me to describe Peruvian women recently, and I had to hesitate and g...

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A Little Chicken Goes a Long Way

07-03-2018 Articles

By Jim Plunkett July took us on a most pleasant jaunt into the hills of Santa Clara towar...

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Corporate Tax in Peru

30-01-2017 Legalities

Corporate Tax in Peru By RGB Avocats - Corporate Lawyers in Peru Updated 01/3o/17: Bef...

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Being Hired as a Foreign Worker by a Per…

24-01-2017 Legalities

Being Hired as a Foreign Worker by a Peruvian Employer By RGB Avocats - Corporate Lawyers in Peru...

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Understanding Tinted Car Windows in Peru

19-01-2017 Legalities

Thanks to the relatively high level of smash and grabs in Peru - particularly in Lima - there is...

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Taking the SAT exam in Lima, Peru

28-09-2017 Sponsors

Doing well on the SAT is an important step in the process of applying to a university in the United ...

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Understanding the Peruvian School Calend…

16-06-2017 Sponsors

North American school calendar versus the Peruvian school calendar There are two schools in Lima...

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Prices of Cosmetic Surgery in Peru

30-03-2017 Sponsors

Prices of Cosmetic Surgery in Peru Surgical procedures in Peru can cost less than in the USA. Here ...

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Dermatology Costs in USA vs. Peru

05-03-2017 Sponsors

Out of all the medical sectors in Lima, perhaps some of the biggest savings can be found in derm...

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