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Edging Further South Again

This month’s Blog Spotlight is shining on Edging Further South Again, a blog created Lauris Burns and her husband Gene Foltus. Lauris and Gene are originally from the US, but moved to Miraflores in Lima last year from Costa Rica, where they had spent the last eight years.

A few years back, Lauris son suggested she start a blog. “You travel to all these interesting places and do interesting things. It would make for a great blog,” he said. While Lauris wasn’t convinced at first, she soon realized how much she enjoyed reading other people’s blogs and decided to join in the fun, and has been busy blogging ever since. She says that while she originally thought it would be a great way to stay in touch with friends and family, “All these years later, as far as I know none of my family actually reads the things, but I get to write anything I want to write - and I don't even have to spend time finding a publisher for it!”

Lauris and Gene also use the blog as a place to show off all the pictures they take during their explorations. Lauris says she felt a little restricted trying to write about people and their lives because of her limited Spanish – but with photos, she’s able to show without being held back by mere words. While she loves showing off photos of Peru’s foods and markets, she says that her favorite post is about a chance encounter, The Kindness of Strangers. Lauris says that it represents to her the fact that “the opportunity to find good people is not limited by where you are in this world.”

So, take a few minutes and get to know Laurie and Gene better – visit Edging Further South Again.

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