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A Guide to Cycling in Peru


This article was written by Anibal Paredes, of Ciclo Turismo Peru, which is a good first stop for people interested in cycling in Peru. Ciclo Turismo rents equipment and offers tons of good information. Besides that, they also run a not-for-profit touring group that takes a lot of day-long or weekend trips close to Lima. They have been known to organize extraordinary rides, such as a recent one to Lake Titicaca.

There are some crossing along the city.

  • Arequipa Ave. (Lima, Lince, San Isidro, Miraflores)
  • Salaverry Ave. (Jesús María, Lince, San Isidro)
  • the long malecón on top of the cliffs from Barranco through Miraflores until San Isidro
  • San Borja Norte Ave. (San Borja)
  • Campo de Marte (Jesús María)
  • Mariategui Ave. (Jesús María)
  • Huaylas Ave. (Chorrillos)
  • Ferrero Ave. (La Molina)
  • Colonial Ave. (Lima, Callao)
  • Universitaria Ave. (San Miguel, Pueblo Libre, Lima, San Martín de Porres, Los Olivos)


  • Always wear helmet.
  • Always beware of car drivers.
  • Wear bright colour clothing.
  • Parking your bike is not reliable at any open parking lot of the supermarkets or shopping centres (Wong, Metro, Plaza Vea, etc.) unless it is securely parked and supervised by the guards.
  • Never leave your bike alone locked in the street, thieves use heavy duty chain cutters to break any type of lock.
  • Always ask someone to look after your bike, offer some tip if necessary.
  • Enclosed public and private parking lots allow bikes parking the fee is the same as cars.  Always ask for an eye on your bike.
  • Heavy traffic streets are not safe, ride by low traffic and tranquil ways instead.
  • Is legal and safe to ride by sidewalks but sometimes pedestrians don’t like to share their way with bikes.
  • Highways like Panamericana have a side emergency help track, wide enough and safe for cycling, but sometimes narrows.  Beware of big trucks and buses when they overcome you the wind displaced might blow you out.  The Central highway has not the side emergency track.

Shopping: bikes, parts, service

Options to buy a bicycle, buy parts or get repair service in Lima are varied ranging from fancy stores in exclusive shopping centers to modest boots in the downtown bike market.  Both extremes are good, it depends on your budget and your taste.

  • Saga falabella
  • Ripley
  • Play bike store just front of Jockey Plaza
  • Best International, Miraflores, Santa Cruz Ave. 5th block
  • Cycling on Tomas Marsano Ave. 1 block from Plaza Vea Higuereta
  • Emancipación Ave. 8th block, bike market, 2 blocks from Plaza Unión, best for custom tailored bikes, reasonable prices.  Prices vary according with quality from top to basic.
  • Rally bike center. La Molina. La Fontana Ave. 11th block
  • Mountain bike mavil. Surco. Aviación Ave. 40th block


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