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Day and Weekend Trips from Lima

While there are many sights to see in Lima, those of us who live here often look for fun things to do that will get us out of the city for a short time. Especially in the winter, it’s nice to find a place to go and have a little bit of sun and clean air for a day or two. Here are a few ideas for trips that you can do in a day or a weekend.

If you enjoy wine, you may find a trip to Ica is an enjoyable way to pass a weekend. In Ica, you’ll find plenty of wineries to explore. The Tacama Winery, located about 3-4 hours south of Lima, is recommended - open every day from 9am to 4pm, they offer tours of the winery and vineyards, and provide samples of their wines and Piscos. It’s possible to go down in one day, visit a winery or two, and make it back to Lima in the evening. But if you’d like to make a weekend of it, Ica also has several museums to visit. And nearby is the Huacachina Oasis where you can enjoy sand boarding and dune buggy rides on the steep sand dunes.

If you’re looking for a day out of the cold and fog, try a day trip to Chosica. Take a bus for about S/2.50, or hop a colectivo taxi on the corner of Javier Prado and Av. Arequipa for S/.7 per person, and in a little over an hour you can be up above the clouds. Wander around the parks, try a restaurant for some pachamanca, and just enjoy a day in the sun. If you have the whole weekend to spare, take a bus from Chosica on to San Pedro de Casta for camping and exploring the enigmatic rock formations in the area. If you go camping, don’t forget to bring warm clothing - nights are chilly.

Just before Chosica, in Chaclacayo, is the Huampani Vacation Center. There’s plenty of room for outdoor activity with large green areas, games and playgrounds for the kids, a lake with geese, sports fields, and pools for adults and children. With comfortable apartment type accommodations, two restaurants, horseback riding, go kart trails and peddle-boats available, there’s something for everyone in the family.

If your interests lie in nature and wildlife, a boat tour of the Islas Palominos may be a pleasant day trip for you. The tour consists of a four hour cruise around the coastal islands, learning about the history of the area and taking in the beautiful scenery. During the tour, you’ll be able to see a large variety of sea birds, and will also have the opportunity to swim with the area sea lions.

Churin is another great place to go for a little rest and relaxation. The 6 hour bus trip from Lima passes through sub-tropical forestation, and interesting rock formations. Shortly before Churin, you’ll pass through Chiuchin, a town known for its thermal spas. There is hiking in the area, and you can hire a horse to carry your belongings. For those into mountain biking, there is an enjoyable 12km biking route between Chiuchin and Huancasi.

Finally, if you have questions about travelling around Lima or throughout Peru, visit our Peru Travel Forum, moderated by the South American Explorer’s Club.

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