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The decision to leave your homeland and move to another country isn’t one to be taken lightly. Those who consider it should research it thoroughly, and learn everything they can about the city and country to which they wish to move. There is a lot of information available on the internet for those looking to leave home and live in another country, be it for work, retirement, to learn a language or even a family sabbatical.

For those who have already moved, having a way to connect with other people from your own country can make a difference in your adjustment to your new home and in alleviating homesickness.

http://www.internations.org/ InterNations is the largest social network catering to expats working, and living abroad. A community of trust and confidence, present in over 300 cities worldwide. Their 600.000+ members interact with each other in a secure online & offline environment about their individual and shared experience abroad.

Transitions Abroad – Living Abroad, Resources for Expatriates – A very comprehensive look at every conceivable aspect of expat life, from the why to the when to the how. Tips on deciding where to go, how to find work and how to feel at home where ever you are.

Expat Focus – Their focus is on financial issues, such as taxation, investment and insurance. Articles on many subjects of interest to expats, with forums and an ‘Ask the Expert’ option.

EscapeArtist.com – Articles on many aspects of being or becoming an expatriate – asset protection, overseas real estate and jobs.

BritishExpats.com – A discussion board for British citizens living overseas.

Expats.Org.uk – From their website – “an organization for British expatriates, contracting or living overseas, almost a UK expats yellow pages, also with an overseas recruiter database, country information with links relevant to British”

US Overseas Voting – Nonpartisan Voter Registration, Ballot Request and Help Desk Services for U.S. Overseas Citizens and Uniformed Services Members and Families

Canuck Abroad – A site full of information for Canadians living or planning on moving overseas. Articles and a forum.

Expat Communities – A list of countries that have sizable English speaking communities, with links to forums and resources.

Gringos.com – Check out the Gringos forum for advice and assistance in moving to Latin America, cost of living questions and information on the standard of living.

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