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Andikem Peru Expansion Plans

Fernando Fernandini, the general manager of Andikem Perú (a subsidiary of Andino Holding USA), has reported that while the company sells mainly sulfuric acid and methanol to food companies, paint producers, and cement companies, they are currently looking to serve new sectors.

As quoted in a recent interview with Gestion newspaper, Fernandini says that by the end of the year Andikem Perú will be looking to break into the mining and agribusiness sectors. With respect to mining, the company will deal mostly with sulfuric acid and methanol, and in agroindustry they will sell other products in an attempt to compete with urea fertilizer. “We want to supply the north of the country,” said Fernandini.

The Andikem Perú executive commented that the Peruvian market moves approximately 250,000 tons of sulfuric acid every year, though this number is expected to double within the next two years to remain up to speed with the development of large mining projects.

As for the methanol market, Fernandini commented that ethanol is used mainly for the production of paint and paint thinner. He estimated that Peru moves approximately 20,000 tons annually, and in the next five to ten years that number should double in order to keep pace with the development of real estate projects.

With respect to the prices of chemicals in Peru, Fernandini has stated that the cost of sulfuric acid has remained relatively stable. On the other hand, the cost of methanol has decreased by up to 15% according to the international price.

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