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VivaColombia Aiming Decrease Rates for Lima-Bogota flights

Low Cost Airline VivaColombia ( sister airline to Viva Air Peru, which launches in Peru in May) has announced it aims to offer reduced prices for flights from Lima to Bogota by the end of the year.

Speaking to Gestion, VivaColombia CEO William Shaw said “The goal, in the medium term, is that air fares between Lima - Bogotá - Lima continue to fall, and eventually fall by as much as 60%”

Shaw also commented that another aim of the company is to increase its fleet in both Colombia and Peru “"We have 11 aircraft and the goal is to finish with 14 aircraft this year at VivaColombia. In the case of Viva Air Peru, we will start with two aircraft, ending the year with perhaps with three, but our goal is to reach up to 15 aircraft in 5 years".

Viva Air Peru and VivaColombia are both owned by Irelandia Aviation, which owns Irish low-cost heavyweight Ryanair. Expats from Europe will be aware of Ryanair’s success, and its ability to provide the market with extremely cheap flights. The arrival of low-cost flights to the Peruvian market is an exciting prospect and suggests that nationwide and intercontinental travel is set to get more affordable and convenient.

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