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Peru/UK working together on Post-Brexit Trade Ties

Last month we looked at what impact “Brexit” may have on Peru, and reported that the Peruvian government are working to ensure that there will be no gaps in trade agreements with the UK after it’s EU exit (now likely in 2019). Further news came last week as the British Minister for Trade Lord Price met with Peruvian government officials and business leaders, and stated the UK’s commitment to free trade in the post-brexit world.

During his visit to Lima last week, Lord Price suggested that a transitional agreement will be sought in the mid-term, to ensure the continuity of the EU-Peru Freed Trade Agreement that was signed in 2013.

Lord Price, make clear his belief in the importance in continued trade between Britain and Peru, and affirmed the UK governments commitment to it.

Price, suggested that he hopes trade between the UK and Peru will double by 2019, and hopes that more British products will enter the Peruvian market; such as solar energy technology, consulting services, and mining utilities.

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