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Cable Car Consortion Included French Company

New Kuélap Cable Car Constructed in Partnership with French Company

After many proposed dates, on March 2, 2017 the new Kuélap Cable Car was inaugurated. This touristic project is located in the province of Luya in the Amazon and is expected to carry 120,000 tourists per year to the Kuélap fortress. The cable car will operate with 26 cabins that can accommodate eight passengers in each. Moreover, the ride takes approximately 20 minutes.

In 2014 ProInversión awarded the project to Consorcio Telecabinas Kuélap, a public-private partnership that is made up of ICCGSA Peru and the French company Poma. Approximately S/ 81,000,000 million has been invested in this project, but it is estimated that the new cable car will help to account for more than S/ 2,000,000 worth of touristic revenue every year.

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