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Manuelita Expansion

Manuelita to expand asparagus cultivation to Trujillo

As the Colombian agro-industrial firm Grupo Manuelita continues to grow in Peru through Manuelita Frutas y Hortilizas, the company is now making plans to expand its asparagus production to Trujillo. In 2016 the company enjoyed an 18% increase in sales. While the outlook for 2017 is more conservative, sales have remained stable.

As of today, the company is currently developing its grape crops in Ica and entering the citrus business in that same region. Moreover, through Agroindustrial Laredo in La Libertad, the company has a hand in the sugar business and is evaluating the expansion of sugarcane production.

Harold Eder, the president of Grupo Manuelita, was recently quoted in Gestion newspaper as saying the agro-industrial firm believes that there is potential to continue expanding business in the agro-export sector for the medium term despite challenges.

Those challenges include the climate factor and the phenomenon of El Niño, due to which agro industrialists must continually work on irrigation projects to ensure the availability of water to crops. Another challenge facing the industry is the cost. However, Eder is confident that the continuity of the Agrarian Law will be ensured after 2020, thus helping to strengthen port and road infrastructure which will in turn reduce logistical costs.

Eder believes that the agro-industry is ideally poised in the global market, especially with respect to organic products since consumers are currently looking for natural products with a low environmental impact and which contribute to the development of communities.

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