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PriceTravel Planning Expansion to Peru

By the end of 2017, PriceTravel – a travel agency that specializes in offering travel packages for business or pleasure – will expand to establish a headquarters in Peru. While the agency has alliances with airlines and hotels that allow them to take their clients all around the world, they only have operations with points of sale and call centers in Mexico and Colombia.

Pablo Castro, the director of marketing and supplier relations, has stated that Peru is an extremely attractive country that offers many areas of opportunity for PriceTravel, such as intra-regional travel. After five years of success in Colombia, which has allowed the agency to grow to 40 kiosks and a call center of 500 people, they now have the infrastructure that will help them to enter Peru.

In 2016, PriceTravel’s sales grew by 29%, a value they expect to repeat this year. This growth has mainly been driven by e-commerce, which has experienced a 44% increase driven by greater internet connectivity.

According to Castro, it is only a matter of time and movement before the agency expands to Peru.

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