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Vinci Highways Projects

Vinci Highways: The CEO discusses current concessions and future projects

In an interview with Gestión gestion.pe, Fadi Selwan, CEO of the French construction company Vinci Highways, has evaluated the results of its current project on the Via de Evitamiento and is examining joint initiatives in the Peruvian capital, as well as future infrastructure projects in the interior.

According to Selwan, as of today the company is focused on Lamsac and is in talks with the Municipality of Lima regarding a project on Javier Prado. Overall, the company plans to invest in improvement and maintenance work while looking for new opportunities in Peru on roads and at airports and in concessions. While Vinci Highways does not yet have a specific place and plan to invest, they are expecting many opportunities to surface in the market and are evaluating interesting projects in concessions and construction both in the capital and outside of Lima.

On the line of concessions, Selwan stated that Vinci Highways is betting on the tender for Line 3 of the Lima Metro that will be launched in 2018. That is a US$ 6 billion project that will require consortium with local and international companies. Some companies they have talked to include local options such as Cosapi, Graña and Montero, and foreign options such as Dragados and Impregilo.

With respect to airports, Selwan indicated that his company is very interested in the Chinchero airport of Cusco and had bid on the project a few years ago but lost the auction. Currently they are waiting for the Chinchero project to be relaunched and, if a new concession is announced, they will go to the tender of this project.

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