XR 650 L Honda

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XR 650 L Honda

Postby sanbartoloian » Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:40 am

I have been looking for a dual purpose motorcycle for a few years and last year began looking at the Chinese bikes. I chickened out of the Chinese on the advice of friends in and out of Peru. I want to do some serious (fun) traveling all over Peru. I don't want to be in Kuelap or in the Andes in Sabja with a broke down bike.

I broke down, delt with Honda International and bought an XR 650 L Honda. The reason I am letting you know is that I had almost 450 views of my call for help and one response so I thought I would let those interested know. I will post some comments on the travel forum and I am sure I will be depending on SAE for advice.

The 650 was far from cheap but the engine has been called "bullitt proof" for years. I'll let you know and thanks for the interest.

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Re: XR 650 L Honda

Postby JanD » Mon Oct 24, 2011 10:18 am

What do you mean by "far from cheap"?
I'm interested because, once when we finally make it to peru (still haven't sold our house), I intend to buy a motocycle to make a trip to Ushuaya and back. For which purpose you need a reliable motorcycle, but at the other hand hopefully is not to expensive.
And yes, lots of luck and fun with your journeys!

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