Going to the Migraciones office

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Going to the Migraciones office

Postby dendrojosh » Mon Oct 06, 2014 4:11 pm

Hey all

I am a bit cunfused at the moment as to how I need to go about turning in my papers for the carnet. THis may just be a stupid question..... I have been told that I just show up and wait in line and I can start the process that way... Then my wife calls migraciones and asks them if this is true. We were told that we need to schedule an appointment online. HOWEVER, before you can schedule an appointment, you have to do a check list to make sure you have EVERYTHING required to schedule an appointment.. which includes EVERYTHING needed to recieve the carnet. If I understand right, we need to go to migraciones to recieve a code to pay the bank and get the rest of what we need in orer to make an appointment. If we can't just show up and we can't schedule an appointment becuase we don't have everything needed to do so, how the hell are we supposed to get the process started? ffrom what I understand, the laws have changed this year... maybe the way they do things is different now? Anyone with recent dealings with this have any advice for me?


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Re: Going to the Migraciones office

Postby gringito » Mon Oct 06, 2014 8:59 pm

Hi Josh,

Yes, you have to do the paperwork first and, in particular, pay the respective fees at the Banco de la Nacion (you may pay at ANY agency of the Banco de la Nacion ) prior to making the online appointment.
It was already like that last year.

Usually the employees of the Banco de la Nacion know the code when you tell them which type of tramite you have to do.

The reason is that you need the code on the payment receipt which you have to input into the online appointment system.

I may assume that you apply for the CE (carnet de extranjeria) as a foreigner married with a Peruvian citizen.
If this is right you will find all the information yuo need here:
http://www.migraciones.gob.pe/index.php ... esidentes/
Look at the paragraph “Familiar residente”, in particular “e) Para el caso de casado (a) con peruano (a)”
This is the link for the online appointment: ... NICIO.aspx
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Re: Going to the Migraciones office

Postby TonyLeslie » Tue Oct 07, 2014 3:01 pm

Just been through this, but like Gringito suggests, you need tell us exactly which Carnet you are after, so we can verify which area you need to go. If you have any doubts, you can go to the Information desks at Immigraciones. The security people at the front door will tell you where to line-up. You will also find a couple of people at the Information desk have reasonable English. If you do go there, I suggest around 7.30 - 8.30 am. before the general crowd arrives and you will get through so much quicker.

If you follow this suggestion, once they get you organised, you can go directly to the bank at Immigraciones and pay for whichever amount that is required. There are two advantages doing this 1) the people at Banco Del Nacion at Immigraciones are more keyed up to the different types of Carnets that you have to pay for, because this is their main line of work and 2) the receipt number is all you need to commence the appointment application on line. All other parts will either be done online (formula 007 is now online) or are things you need to put together before appointment date. If you have to get someone to do the Jurada, which is the person who is guaranteeing you while you are here, print a copy, then you have to redo it on a word file and type in all the necessary details (your name etc) at the same time, because they do not accept any part of the Jurada written in ink. This also has to be Notarized as well.

Gringito is also correct in stating you are have to, or supposed to have, all the paperwork done before you do the online application, but in all truthfulness, it is only a checklist you have to adhere to and you will have a few days to ensure you can get everything done unless you apply for an appointment the next day and get it.

When we know exactly which carnet you are after, we can probably offer more advice.

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