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Home/Apartment Construction Advice

Postby GringoInMyUsername » Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:16 am

Hey Guys,

First a little bit of background, I am European and married to a wonderful Peruvian wife. We have just returned from a visit to the inlaws in San Juan Lurigancho, Lima. While there we were discussing the potential for developing my wife's family home to have three or four floors over a ground floor and split each floor into two 70m2 apartments. I was pushing for one 120m2 family apartment on each floor, with 3/4 bedrooms, living and dining rooms, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and ensuite; but I was vetoed as this is "not the way it is done in Peru" and it is more financially viable to either split each floor either into two smaller apartments or cram as many bedroom/bathroom/kitchenettes in as possible (which I completely disagree with both morally and as a construction and architecture graduate).

But anyway, I digress, back to basics; I'm looking to find out what is the general cost of laying a floor slab in Peru and what is the most common type of construction i.e. block and beam etc? There is already a completed ground and first floor with rebar sticking out of the columns at where level 2 would be (in classic Peruvian style :D )

I would love to hear any advice that you guys may be able to give me and please let me know if there is any other information I can offer that might make this easier to answer.

Many thanks in advance,

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Re: Home/Apartment Construction Advice

Postby gerard » Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:51 am

Who will be living there? If you're thinking of making a home for yourselves, then why do not a mix of options. Let your in-laws split 1 or 2 floors into double apartments for themselves, and take (and pay for) the entire top floor yourself - plus the "air" so no one can then build above you. But consider making roof access communal so everyone can hang their clothes out.

We're in a similar type of home. Wife's parents on the ground, 2 apartments for brothers above that, and we built the entire top floor.

Make sure you make each apartment independent in terms of utilities and council taxes - it'll save a lot of hassle in the long term.

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