Start a food truck business in Lima

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Start a food truck business in Lima

Postby jonsnow » Mon Feb 26, 2018 4:36 pm

Hi everyone.

We (2 Israeali guys) are going to start a small business in the field of gastronomy in Lima, Peru.
Our idea is to start small, and maybe get one of these small vans you can find around Barranco neighborhood.
We'd like to offer 2-3 different dishes and provide beers as well.

I guess there's just a lot to understand and learn about this kind of thing, especially in Lima.
For example:

1) Anyone who knows what's the deal with these vans exactly? how much would one cost us (assuming it will include a small kitchen for the food making)? how much do you need to pay for a spot per day/month? is this vans thing popular in Miraflores as well or just Barranco? How does it work with electricity and water and gas? what would be the bills give or take?
2) How does it work, to start a business in Peru? for non-residents? taxes? regulations? laws? approvals? anything about the legal side? Do we have to hire people, or can we do this by our own?
3) Does anyone know how is the vegetarian trend's going in Lima? Is it a good business there now?
4) Any platforms/utilities that we should become familiar with?

In general, what are the difficulties we should know about? what is the first step? any general help?

Thank you in advance!

Slippin' Jimmy
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Re: Start a food truck business in Lima

Postby Slippin' Jimmy » Mon Feb 26, 2018 10:32 pm

If hardcore cooking, then I hope you can wire and renovate the vehicle, get a fridge, prep the kitchen, hook up the propane burners etc.
Lot of work it goes without saying.

Probably the best food truck would be an old school bus.
This link below might give you some tips.
Good luck...

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