New Interpol Appointment process?

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New Interpol Appointment process?

Postby cassandra » Thu Apr 05, 2018 11:51 pm

Does anyone know if the new appointment process at Interpol applies to foreigners not from Venezuela? It seems confusing to me based on the news releases mostly referring to the benefits for Venezuelans.

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Re: New Interpol Appointment process?

Postby Wiracocha » Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:46 pm

G'day Cassandra,

As far as I know, anyone who needs Interpol check has to go thru the process.

I am an Aussie and I did mine back in early December 2017 and on my first visit they told me I had to do a crinimal check on-line with the Australian Federal my cost!! After that was done, I returned again and they fingerprinted me set I had to forward onto Australia to the Feds, with Interpol being the one who required the result.

There were several different nationalities inside and outside of Interpol. Admittedly, most were Venezuelans and quite a few Colombians.
Back then, there was about 10,000 Vens coming thru the system !!

You don't have to make an actual appointment as such (unless something has changed recently), but I suggest that you should rock up to the gate at around 07:30 to have a chance to get inside the compound on that day.
Depending on your nationality, Interpol will tell you if you need any extra documents before they fingerprint and process you.
Before you go, you must pay the required fee at Bank of the Nation and present your receipt to Interpol. That info should be shown on your Migraciones list of things to do for your particular visa.

Oh, and you will need that patience of a saint to get thru all this !! :-)

Hope this helps.

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