Change to BCP - Banco del Peru - website

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Change to BCP - Banco del Peru - website

Postby Mike Foto » Tue May 15, 2018 4:43 pm

We opened our bank account using our passports. My Peruvian brother-in-law was our sponsor as he owns a business here. No problems using on-line banking for years. BCP has been trialing their new website along side the old one, and i could never log on to the new website. The old website worked perfectly well. Yesterday I went to log on and they now only allow access to the new website and, yes, I still couldn't log in. We went to BCP this morning and, after about 30 minutes, they sorted us out. Our debit cards were no longer linked to our bank accounts. The new system won't allow you to log-in if you opened your account with a passport. We now have residency so it was just a case of changing the passport numbers to our CE numbers. After a couple of hours all was resolved and we can now use the new website.

If this affects you , tell them you opened your account with a passport and to change to your CE, otherwise you will not have on-line access. The other solution they offered was to either change out debit cards and change to our CE numbers, or close and reopen our accounts - didn't like any on those options. Not sure what happens if you don't have a CE though!

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