Renewing your work CE - do you get a new card?

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Renewing your work CE - do you get a new card?

Postby leavemyvoiceonthesea » Thu Jun 14, 2018 9:22 am

So I got my work CE in January 2017, and renewed in December 2017. I have one of the newer CE card, without the old holographic stickers. On the card, it has a printed "expiration date" in Jan 2018. I was never notified to pick up a new card with the new expiration date or anything like that, nor told that it was necessary.

How does it work now? Was I supposed to get a new CE card when I renewed my CE with the new expiration date? I'm planning on travelling to the US for vacation in about a week and don't want to run into any trouble at the airport or when I'm returning to Peru.

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