Answers to your qestions about moving to, and living in, Peru,
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hey everyone!

1. I am new to these forms (posting wise) but I've used these forms for years for research. I appreciate what everyone has to say on here and will say that these forms have helped me in my life when I was in Lima.

2. I hear importing anything can be a bit of a hassle at times, especially with duty fees and whatnot. My buddy, who is a Peruvian, and I started a repair business for PCs and Macs. It has been successful for the most part. One of our biggest problems is getting the replacement parts in Peru. They are often hard to find and can sometimes be a premium.

The idea I have had is to import the parts in bulk. We aren't necessarily trying to save money by importing internationally, although it would be nice, we are more just looking to have our own supply of parts and spares. I've heard things about duties being quite high, despite the "free trade agreements" with the US and China.

TLDR: I want to import in bulk.

Have you ever imported in bulk to Peru? Did the items make it to you? Did the duties and fees have a significant impact on your imports? Any advice?

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