The other chifa.

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The other chifa.

Postby victmanu » Sat Dec 12, 2015 10:45 am

New asian restaurants were set in Lima the last years.

Vietnamese, Thailand, japanese and the real chinese food showed by the peruvian television.

Adresses of the new restaurants.

Corean cuisine Restaurant Dos amigos, Avenida Aviacion 4812, San Borja.

Thailand cuisine restaurant Viva Wok, avenida Consquistadores 510, San isidro.

Thailand cuisine restaurant Chani ( real thai cuisine ). Jiron Santa Cruz 870 next to block 3 of avenida del Triunfo, Villa maria del triunfo.

Vietnamese cuisine restaurant VIET , avenida Aviacion 2590, San Borja.

Japanese fusion cuisine restaurant Hosso, Malecon Castilla 111, Barranco.

And if you go to the chifa Salon de la felicidad ask for a real chinese food menu.

Chinese and chifa restaurant Salon de la Felicidad, Calle Capon Lima downtown.

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