Soya Allergy

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Soya Allergy

Postby mgportillo » Sat Apr 02, 2016 10:08 am

Hi all,

Does anyone else suffer from a soya allergy? Mine isn't life threatening but it does cause an allergic reaction including itchy face, stomach problems etc. My allergy was getting worse while I was in Peru, despite making sure I wasn't eating any food which appear to have soya in them i.e chifa. But I then discovered that pretty much everywhere uses soya oil to cook all food in :shock:

I'm not used to this as back home it is mostly sunflower oil used in food prep. So now that I'm returning to Peru I wondered if anyone else had this problem and has a way around it? It literally means I can't eat out anywhere which is a major problem for me as my apartment may or may not have a kitchen, and my boyfriend and I like to eat out at restaurants a lot.

Help! Any advice or comments welcome!

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Re: Soya Allergy

Postby cassandra » Sun Apr 03, 2016 12:46 pm

Try to find restaurants that you can work with, build a relation with them:
-bring your own bottle of oil and give it to them to cook with.
-tell them it could be life threatening - it's taken more seriously, and isn't necessarily a lie. Allergies are unpredictable.
-look for dishes that don't use so much oil... Peruvian cuisine is more or less out of question, but you could find luck with international inspired cuisine and restaurants that work with food specialities or food intolerances.
-get an apartment with a kitchen and save thousands of soles yearly, eating out in Lima is not cheap.
-tip big when someone helps you. Money tips are a sign of respect in this lovely country.

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