READ FIRST - Forum Rules and Advice

Post your items for sale here. Use a clear, descriptive subject line, and please consult our "Rules and Advice" before agreeing to meet a buyer or a seller. Take precautions.

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READ FIRST - Forum Rules and Advice

Postby Alan » Fri Jun 18, 2010 5:13 pm

Welcome to the Expat Buy and Sell Section.

Posting Pictures: If you would like to add a photo to your post, scroll down below the dialogue box and look for the "attachments" tab.

Please note the following:

1. The posting of illegal items for sale is not allowed.
2. Please, no advertisement for business – this forum is strictly for the sale of personal items and services.

3. As with all sections of the Expat Peru site, offensive content or material that is sexually or otherwise obscene is not permitted. Posts that are racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise discriminatory are not permitted. This includes pictures. Any post deemed disruptive, offensive or "off topic" may be deleted at our discretion.

Okay, now that we have gone over the “legalities” have been taken care of, let`s talk about some Buy and Sell BEST PRACTICES.

This buy and sell section can be a great place to sell your stuff, but it can also be a great place to get RIPPED OFF. Before you agree to meet with a buyer, please take the following into account:

1) A common scam is to buy second-hand goods using counterfeit bills. If you are selling a large-ticket item, take precautions. Have someone on hand who can spot these bills if you don’t know how. You can buy inexpensive markers that will identify most, but not all, fake bills. If you have any doubts, ask the buyer to deposit the money directly into your bank account and bring you the deposit slip.

2) Another common scam is to use the pretext of looking at second-hand goods in order to gain access into your home. Usually there will be two or more scammers involved. One will occupy the sellers attention, while the other asks to "use the bathroom", at which point she/he (and it frequently is a she) will enter the bedroom - or wherever - and fill his/her pockets and purses with small valuable goods. Precautions:

* Avoid being alone in the house at the time of sale,
* Only permit visits from buyers with an appointment, no surprise visits;
* Ask for a telephone number (not a cellular) as a reference before accepting the visit to your home – call them back to confirm
* Don´t leave small items laying around your place during the visit;
* Be very suspicious is somebody wants to "use the bathroom". Don’t worry about appearing rude. Honest, good buyers will understand your concern.

3) Do not accept to ship/mail/send the item you are selling until you have CASH IN HAND. A new scam is to request that people mail high-cost items, such as laptops, in exchange for payments made to your "account" in PayPal type systems. Remember the famous line by Cuba Gooding Jr. in the movie Jerry Maguire "Show me the money".

4) Wolves come dressed in sheep’s clothing (probably stolen off some poor sheep). These guys and gals are professionals; don’t think for a minute that they will show up with ripped leather jackets, knife scars down the side of their face, smelling of cheap pisco and fear ... not a chance. Chances are they will be better dressed than you are, and will look like "really nice people".

So, friends, in summary, let’s beat these @#&%. Watch out for fake money, don’t let down your guard, and get cash (not monopoly money) in hand before you let go of your stuff.

Sellers beware!

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