Professional, customised English language instruction

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Professional, customised English language instruction

Postby gregdev » Mon Jan 10, 2011 12:17 pm

I am a professional English language instructor (M.Ed) with over five years of experience teaching in institutes and at university level as well as private business clients.

The classes I offer are based on a personalised syllabus, focusing on the needs and skills of the student and are generally catered for higher level students of English.
I believe that lessons should be positive, creative and thus more engaging. This creative learning process is more effective in advancing a natural comfort with the language; reinforced by the use of a variety of ‘realia’ - materials sourced from English media including video, audio, photography and magazine and newspaper articles.
In this way students will deal with a wide range of subject matter, general interest, current affairs, social issues as well as the arts and any other subjects in line with the students’ interests.

The gap between students who regularly interact with and produce the language and those who simply study unrelated grammatical snippets with only minimal and unnatural production is glaring. It is in crossing this gap that students gain a natural and enduring command of the language and eventually, fluency.

• Classes are offered for individuals or for pairs, but
larger groups would be possible depending on the
needs of the students.

• Students will be provided reading, writing audio
and video assignments for each lesson based on a
personalized syllabus with the appropriate
Cambridge level requirements at its core.

• To reinforce the necessary grammatical foundation,
each student will receive a grammar reference pack
along with a digital Excel dictionary template to be
filled as classes progress.

• Students will not be tested in any traditional way,
but will be evaluated orally at regular intervals to
monitor progress and allow a continuous re-evaluation
of the syllabus goals.

• Prices vary according to needs, but an average
course will be charged at $15 per hour per student
for individuals or pairs, and $10 an hour for three
or more students.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for a free evaluation meeting.

Email: [email protected]

Greg de Villiers

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