Welcome to "Focus on Business" - Please read if you are new

This is a place for people who are operating a business in Peru, or who are planning on starting one.

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Welcome to "Focus on Business" - Please read if you are new

Postby sbaustin » Sat Jun 19, 2010 8:51 pm

This forum is meant for people who operate a business in Peru, or who are thinking about opening one. Of course, everyone else is welcome too, but our goal is to provide a space where business people can share information and network. This is a place to discuss taxes, laws, loans, business trends, personal experiences, and relevant news items.. as well as anything else of relevance to the business community.

In my excitement, I tried to move some business related posts from the regular forum to this one, but with unsurpassed brilliance, I managed to delete them. Apologies to those who had posted. Please try to ask your questions again; now that we have a more select and interested audience, hopefully you will get some better feedback.

I hope you business folk enjoy this forum and can help us make it work.


** Update sbaustin **

Business Opportunities are permitted in this forum section under the following guidelines:

1. The business opportunity is not a known scam, fraudulent, or illegal
2. Do NOT post requests for specific amounts of investment capital. Feel free to mention that you are looking for a partner or investor, but leave the specific amounts out of the posts as it seems to cause too many issues

This is a forum to discuss business opportunities. If you are posting about a service you will provide, it will be moved to the Services forum. If you would like input about your service, or the idea, this is the forum for you.

Moderation: Please make sure your responses are on topic and not tangential. I will be removing posts that don't address the original poster. We have a conversation forum for off topic posting.

General Public: Please verify as much as possible any information that comes to you whether in this forum or even from a friend. It is your responsibility to do as much due diligence to make sure you are making as informed of a decision as possible.


New users' posts are moderated by default and the system does not notify the moderators proactively. If your post is not visible to others this is more than likely the reason so please PM me (sbaustin) if this is the case. After a couple posts you won't have to go through this process. We do this to avoid spam as much as possible.


If you see a post that seems off, or just want us to take a look at it, you can click the Report icon on the post.. The icon looks like this:
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Re: Welcome to "Focus on Business" - Please read if you are new

Postby leachsr14@gmail.com » Sat Nov 25, 2017 5:13 pm

Hi, my name is Steve Leach.I want to start a business building houses that are earthquake0resistant.I'm having a hard time deciding between Peru and Ecuador. I WAS sold on Ecuador until I found out you can't ship any older vehicles in,and also a website that says "don't buy ANYTHING in Ecuador!
Basically, I want to find cheap land to start with. It could be in the mountains(Cajamarca area sounds good)_or the beach0-I see pros and cons to both areas. I wouldn't mind finding patrner(s)_as I don't have a lot of money to get started on. I have a good idea for buiding,not so much a distinct plan on paper, as a method of construction which could take about any shape.Even though I'm retired, I'm not interested in just kicking back, I want to accomplish things. OK, email if interested!

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