Best coffee on the planet

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Best coffee on the planet

Postby craig » Tue Aug 03, 2010 10:06 am

Conozca al productor peruano que cultiva el mejor café orgánico del mundo

Wilson Sucaticona

This requires too much knowledge and hard work for an expat, I think. :)

Incidentally, I found it very interesting, even inspiring, to read the comments below the article. Expats delight in projecting their own racist hangups onto Peruvians. But there was none of that in spite of the fact that Wilson is an Aymara. There was not a trace of resentment or envy expressed. On the contrary, there was only pride in the fact that Wilson was a Peruvian and only admiration was expressed for his hard work, achievement and success.


You can buy “El café de Wilson Sucaticona” at Arábica Espresso Bar (715- 2152) located at Recavarren 269 in Miraflores for S/. 6 a cup.


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