Editing English language documents

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Editing English language documents

Postby TUCK1930 » Sun Mar 26, 2017 2:45 pm

I edit documents written in English by Spanish speakers or professionally translated into English. My clients are in Lima. I charge US $0.02 (two cents) per word, based on the number of words in the final document. I review the doc as many times as my client requests, until he or she is 100% satisfied. I explain the grammatical, syntactical, semantic, contextual or cultural rationale for my recommended edit. I have not increased my fee in 5 years. I am thinking of raising it to 2.2 US cents per minute. I would be ever-so-grateful for any advice you can give me about the local market for services like mine. Please feel free to call, FaceTime or Skype. Contact info is in my profile.

Thanks to all in advance.

I hope these horrible rains cease and that any reader of this post and related family members have not suffered flooding.

Best wishes, Tucker Cox

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Re: Editing English language documents

Postby FDiH » Sun Mar 26, 2017 11:20 pm

Hiya Tucker,

I used to use copy reviewers and editors quite a bit. We usually worked with market specialized editors, e.g. IT, legal, marcom. For us it was important that they understood the context and quite often specific (technical) language.

I recon your competition can be found with the many online services. Nowadays you can post your document with one of the many online services, fill in your requirements and you usually have feedback within 24 hours.

Rates vary from fixed price to 0.01 - 0.15 cents per word depending on speciality/required skillset.

The standard still seems to be charged per word so that's what I would use. Perhaps 0.05 cents for standard work and 0.10 for specialized work (e.g. legal documents).

Hope this helps.

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