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Do not use UPS for receiving goods

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 8:58 am
by FDiH
We ordered a professional coffee grinder from Italy. The shipping was USD 65,-- CIF using sea freight.
Last week we received a phone call from UPS Peru (Union Pak del Peru, S.A.) that the parcel had arrived. We had to pay import duty (which we expected) and a USD 65,-- 'Storage fee'.
We received an invoice for the import duty but they would not issue an invoice for the 'storage fee'. Both UPS customer service and UPS Italy have no knowledge of a storage fee but are not willing to solve the matter, 'it is up to UPS LIma'. Clearly UPS Lima intends to earn some extra money by ripping off customers with this 'storage fee'. Basically you pay twice for the shipping.

Unless you want to pay double for your international shipping, DO NOT USE UPS for shipping goods to Peru!

Re: Do not use UPS for receiving goods

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 10:11 am
by caliguy
when you received the phone call from UPS, did they tell you when you can pick up your merchandise? if you picked it up in the allotted time, there should be no storage fees. (unless someone looking to make a few xtra $). i would contest the storage fee if they don't have a valid reason.
the shipping charge of $65 seems very cheap. is this an espresso grinder?

Re: Do not use UPS for receiving goods

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:15 am
by tjmccurdy
I never pay import/customs duties. You are not aware of the law if your paying that. And I do typically import more than $200 worth of my property. Now, as for storage fees... complain! If they haven't notified you in a timely manner, they can be reported to REINIC. You can also ask to see their Libro de Reclamaciones (Claims Log) and file a claim against them - usually gets them to work with you.

Re: Do not use UPS for receiving goods

Posted: Sun Apr 10, 2016 8:21 am
by FDiH
It is indeed for a coffee grinder. The shipping fees are correct. They did call and the storage costs applied as off the moment they called. I will def follow your advice re REINIC and LDR.
When using a courier service one always pays shipping fees, especially when it concerns commercial shipping. We did check with SUNAT.

I have taking the matter up with UPS customer service in the USA, UPS Italy and the shipper. No one wants to take responsibility or is willing to solve the issue. UPS USA knows that UPS Peru rips off its customers but they don't care. I found out later that UPS customer service is the worst in the industry.

Contesting the storage fee was a non-starter. They simply dont care. You either pay or they send the money back and charge the shipper so you end up paying it anyway.

Re: Do not use UPS for receiving goods

Posted: Tue May 24, 2016 7:14 pm
by ltkenbo
I can second this based on my recent experience with them. They did the exact same thing - told me I needed to pay a "warehouse entry fee" (Almacén) and what was even worse is they originally told me the package was out for delivery twice when it wasn't (including a claimed "attempted delivery"). Talking to UPS in the US didn't help with anything, and they really had nothing to tell me about these extra fees. Items were valued well under $200 (so no import duty). In this case, my shipper agreed to cover the cost of this fee and authorized UPS to charge it to the shipping account, but for some reason UPS Peru couldn't find this order in their system even after an entire business day. I ended up going over to the office in San Isidro and paying the fee in person and picking up my package. I also filed a complaint in their "libro de reclamaciones." The lady tried to explain the situation to me, claiming the fees are listed online (which they don't appear to be), but I still told her I was wanted to file a complaint. She wasn't very happy that I did this.

I received another package via DHL with a similar item, and had absolutely no problems. It took a day or so in customs, but other than that, it literally took 4 days from the US to my door here in Lima while UPS took an entire week and I had to go pick it up and pay extra costs. Based on my experiences, I'd definitely always say use Serpost if you can for sending items to family and such, but if you must use a more common carrier or must have expedited shipping, then stick with DHL. They have a very large presence here while UPS has basically none. I don't know if the "warehouse fee" is legitimate, from what I've read elsewhere it's probably not, but UPS's "warehouse" is literally a garage stall with a pile of packages sitting there not being delivered.

Here is a blog I found with someone that says similar things about them: ... cobre.html

Re: Do not use UPS for receiving goods

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 10:33 am
by JimIquitos
I had some tires and rims shipped to Iquitos. The value is over $2000, so I had to get an authorized customs agent to clear it through customs. It took a week and about 8 emails to get this bit of information. Over the past 9 days I have made 6 phone calls and wrote over 20 emails just trying to figure out what I need to do to get my package cleared through customs. I finally got an estimate of charges. $59 Handling and $300 for storage. $300!!!!! I feel I am being robbed. I will never again choose UPS for any shipping, anywhere.

Re: Do not use UPS for receiving goods

Posted: Tue Jan 31, 2017 12:53 pm
by jumpinjack
Sounds to me your problem is with customs. I doubt UPS will profit one penny of that 359 bucks.

Re: Do not use UPS for receiving goods

Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 12:14 pm
by Writer

I have experienced similar problems with UPS, and I think some additional steps should be taken in such cases.
The fees UPS charges are not for customs, UPS charges at least three or four times the amount customs charges.

On, a customer reported he got a refund from UPS for the surcharges they had collected from him, after suing UPS via Indecopi on the grounds that these surcharges were nowhere documented.
In the meantime, UPS Peru has documented their customs clearing fees on their website, but the storage fees are still undocumented and therefore irregular.
I did not have the same success at Indecopi, but I do not live in Lima and therefore things are more complicated for me.

Other customers informed that they tried to go themselves to the customs office to receive their parcel, with mixed success. They would still have to go to UPS so they would give them the corresponding shipment papers; in one case UPS wanted to charge them over 50 dollars only for handing over the papers; so in such cases you would still need to involve Indecopi.

Complaints against U.S. companies can also be filed at the following places:

Federal Trade Commission

Better Business Bureau

UPS USA promises their customers door-to-door delivery; so if their overseas dependencies do not fulfill this service, they are guilty of misleading advertisement, and this should be reported in the USA.

Although some of their fanciful extra charges are documented on, but you have to search for a while. They may charge, for example:
$60.00 for a "delivery reattempt".
"Fuel Surcharge", an unspecified amount.
"Extended Area Surcharge": $36.00 for delivery outside major cities. This includes the whole of Peru except the cities of Lima and Arequipa. Even if you live in one of the less centric areas of Lima, such as Lurin or Puente Piedra, this surcharge applies.
"Additional Handling" $12.00 and more, as determined arbitrarily by UPS.
and more...

I would recommend generally to avoid receiving any shipment by UPS. And if you receive one and you do not want to involve Indecopi, refuse it; refuse even UPS's customs clearing service, if you can. If it is a commercial order, inform the provider, claim a refund or replacement, and insist that they do not use UPS for shipments overseas. If providers in the USA receive enough customer feedback about UPS's abusive behavior overseas, they might change their shipping policies.

Re: Do not use UPS for receiving goods

Posted: Mon Feb 19, 2018 4:20 pm
Your better off with regular mail. I had a friend ship some clothing which was worth about $80 for his wife's nephews (infants)here in Peru. But when he filled out insurance he put the max $200 !!. Well guess what, they did not deliver it and his wife had to go pick it up and pay taxes. He thought it was smart to insure it for the full amount, but it is NOT! Since he was only sending clothing worth $80, I told him next time declare no more than $100, then they will deliver to the door with no taxes.

If I ship anything, I never insure for more than $100 and it comes straight to my door. I buy stuff off of Amazon all the time, it takes about two weeks, as long as it is not over $100 in value Amazon ships it to my door and I have to pay nothing.