Peru proposes creating delinquent tenants register

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Peru proposes creating delinquent tenants register

Postby tupacperu » Tue Sep 03, 2013 10:20 am

They propose creating delinquent tenants register
Tuesday, September 3, 2013 ... os-2075155

Tenants debtors first instance judgment shall be entered in list of defaulters . The judiciary is responsible to register , but send information to the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance.

marco.alva @
Deprotection suffering today property owners against non- payment of their tenants could come to an end .

The Popular Forces parliamentary group in Congress introduced a bill that seeks to create a record of defaulting tenants .

Under the initiative , the register must register the names of those listed by tenants in the first instance judgment judicial processes " out of obligation to pay sums of money , eviction for non-payment , or both."

The obligation is referred to natural or legal persons who owe successive or alternating three installments within a period of 12 consecutive months.

The appeal and the continuity of the proceedings on appeal will not involve the removal of the name of this list.

The only way to be removed from it will be not only the return of the property , but also with the cancellation of all debt .

The draft stipulates that the judiciary will be responsible for implementing and take over the record.

Moreover, for the principle of transparency , this information will have to be public .

Therefore, the bill provides that the Judiciary sent to the Superintendency of Banking and Insurance ( SBS ) , monthly and binding , the updated list of delinquent tenants . And additionally could be sent to the credit bureaus operating in Peru .

Five years. Until today five years during judicial proceedings against tenants who fail to pay the owners of the properties. That , without the conciliation process before the courts.

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