New Peruvian Relationship

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Li Curious
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New Peruvian Relationship

Postby Li Curious » Mon Dec 09, 2019 2:19 pm

Good afternoon,

I have met online a woman from Lima. At this point everything seems straight forward. We have yet to meet in person but her son lives in the US so we are discussing meeting this summer.

She owns a small business and lives in an older home in miraflores.

She speaks no english, I am learning spanish now. Are conversations are run through Google Translate at this point. Though it is slow, it is working.

That is all background. Here are my questions:

I would like to buy her something for Christmas, nothing flashy, just something simple to Express the warmth that I feel for her. She is 50 years old and seems to be conservative. Any suggestions on what type of gift would be good. I want it to be a surprise so directly asking wouldnt work. Also, would I be better to buy online, maybe even from a Peruana Company or Amazon, or should I buy local and mail?

Finally, if things go well, I will be looking to move to Peru. Right now, all looks good. But what are best ways to make sure that she is who I think she is, even before investing in a casual trip there. OH, and if I visit her there, I want to protect and care for her reputation. Should I plan on securing a hotel or hostel or is it common for a single man to stay with a single woman of our age (even in separate rooms) without it harming her socially among friends, family, and church.

Thanks for y'all's input on these things.

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Re: New Peruvian Relationship

Postby woodchuck » Mon Dec 09, 2019 4:42 pm

IMO, you need to spend a lot of time together where you plan to live.
Many expats were once in your position & are now divorced due to the Peruvian cultural differences.
Take you time to be sure of your future together & exchange the "rose colled glasses" for reality.
Best wishes.
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Re: New Peruvian Relationship

Postby Alan » Mon Dec 09, 2019 6:02 pm

Flowers? (Rosatel), Maybe a nice purse or accessory?

Department stores Saga and Ripley also have online sales and delivery.

Good luck. I mean that.

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