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FAQ - Peru Visas and Migration

There are some questions that come up time and again in our forum; we’ll try to answer some of the more common ones here.


Q) If I am in Peru on a tourist visa, am I allowed to sign a contract for work in order to get a work visa and residency?
A) No, before you can sign any contract (as a tourist or student) you’ll have to get a special permission to do so. For more information, see Other Services.

Q) I lost my Tarjeta Andina de Migraciones (TAM) (Andean Immigration Card) – can I get a duplicate when I return to Jorge Chavez Intl Airport?
A) Yes – the cost of a duplicate TAM is S/.8.28

Q) I’m a foreign tourist, and I lost my passport and/or TAM – what should I do?
A) You need to go in person to the Immigration offices (Av. España 730 – Breña Tel.: 417-6955 / 417-6957). Transferring your entrance stamp to a new travel documents will cost S/.9.

Q) If I’m here as a tourist, how long am I allowed to stay in the country?
A) When entering the country, an Immigrations officer will authorize a certain length of time for which you are allowed to stay in the country – up to 183 days. The number of days permitted will be written on the stamp in your passport and on your TAM. If you should overstay the length of time permitted, you’ll be required to pay a fine of $1 per each additional day; said payment must be made before leaving the country. For more information, see Overstaying Peruvian Tourist Visa.


Q) When do I need to pay the annual ‘prorroga de residencia’ on my Carnet de Extranjeria?
A) If you look on the back of your CE, you’ll see that it has an expiration date, which will be based on the date when you first received your carnet. Each year, you’ll need to pay to renew your carnet before that date. For more information, see Paying the Annual Prorroga de Residencia.

Q) I want to leave the country with my minor child. What do I need to do?
A) For a child to travel out of the country with one parent, they must have an authorized permission from the other parent. If the permission is done in Peru, it must be legally notarized; if done outsider of Peru, it must be legalized at a Peruvian consulate.

Q) Can I apply for a visa if my current visa or carnet is expired?
A) No, the law prohibits anyone whose current visa is expired from filing any procedural paperwork of this type.

Q) When must I pay the Tasa Anual de Extranjería (Annual Foreigner’s Tax)?
A) The payment must be made between the first day of January and the last day of March each year. Please note, there is a fine for not paying before the final date. For more information, see Paying the Foreigner’s Tax.

Q) Can I apply for a resident visa for a close family member?
A) If you have a resident visa, according to law you can apply for the same type of visa for your spouse, father, mother, single daughter of any age, or single son under the age of 18.

Q) If I wish to leave the country permanently, what procedure must I follow?
A) You must surrender your carnet de extranjeria no more than 10 days before the date of your departure. By doing this, you will be able to enter the country without problem at a later date should you so desire.

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