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Hotels in Lima, Peru

With well over 150 hotels to be found in Lima, finding the right hotel is a matter of knowing what your needs are. The length of and reason for your stay as well as your budget will help in the decision. Some people prefer the comfort of a 5 star hotel, while others may be content to stay in a backpackers’ hostel. It’s helpful to remember that ratings for Peruvian hotels are more lax than what we may be used to in North America and Europe. Also, travelers looking for a 3 star hotel experience may be in for a surprise if they choose a 3 star hostel. Generally, a hotel will offer private rooms with a bath, will usually have a restaurant, and will provide additional conveniences such as maid service and clean towels and linens. Hostels, on the other hand, may require that you share a room or bath and typically provide few, if any, of the amenities found in a hotel. They may have communal kitchens and sitting areas available. They often attract younger travelers looking for an inexpensive place to stay for a night or two. Better hotels may be able to help you make arrangements to see the sights in Lima and can help you arrange tours of the city.

Many of our forum members recommend that travelers staying in Lima choose a hotel in Miraflores, Barranco or San Isidro. These areas are more convenient to shopping, dining and nightlife, and are generally considered to be safer than some other parts of Lima. Business travelers should remember that the business and financial center of Lima is San Isidro, but that many government offices are located downtown. Something to remember is that hotel prices will usually include a 19% sales tax. Foreign tourists, however, are exempt from this tax, provided that they can present a copy of their passport and tourist visa.

The following websites are helpful when booking a hotel in Lima:

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