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Understanding Tinted Car Windows in Peru

Thanks to the relatively high level of smash and grabs in Peru - particularly in Lima - there is a strong demand for tinted windows. Drivers, particularly women, feel safer with the anonymity provided, but one the flip side, the police dislike darkened windows, since it makes it harder for them to spot suspicious behavior. As a result, cars with tinted windows are often pulled over, so best to have all the paperwork in order..

Applying for tinted windows in Peru is somewhat complicated. Principal among the requirements for applicants are the following:.

· Driving record.

· Criminal background check.

· Certificate of Vehicular Identification.

· Photos of the vehicle.

· Application form.

Every step and requirement has a cost, which once added up totals more than S./500..

On the bright side, until January 01, 2017 when a legislative decree was enacted, this procedure had to be repeated every two years. Now, as long as the car is not sold, the permission is indefinite..

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