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Peru Maps

The Republic of Peru (Republica de Perú) has a population of over 28,000,000. It is divided into 25 regions and 1 province. The capitol is in Lima, a city situated near the port of Callao on the western coast. Its geography varies from its lowest point at sea level on the coast to the highest point at the top of Nevada Huascaran at 22,205 ft.
(6,768 m). Peru is located on the western coast of South America, bordering the Pacific Ocean between Chile and Ecuador. It’s slightly smaller than the US state of Alaska in size.

Lake Titicaca in Peru is the world’s highest navigable freshwater lake at 3,856 meters (12,725 feet). The source of the Amazon River is also to be found in Peru, on the slopes of Nevado Mismi in the Andes Mountains.

International flights to Peru usually arrive at Jorge Chavez Regional airport in Lima, and passengers then travel on to other destinations by domestic flights in Peru or by bus.  For maps and more information on the city of Lima, please visit Maps of Lima.

Some Geographical Facts:
(Information taken from the CIA World Factbook)
Area: total: 1,285,220 sq km land: 1.28 million sq km water: 5,220 sq km

Land boundaries: Total: 7,461 km Border countries: Bolivia 1,075 km, Brazil 2,995 km, Chile 171 km, Colombia 1,800 km, Ecuador 1,420 km Coastline: 2,414 km
Climate: Varies from tropical in east to dry desert in west; temperate to frigid in Andes
Terrain: Western coastal plain (costa), high and rugged Andes in center (sierra), eastern lowland jungle of Amazon Basin (selva)
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