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Migration - a necessity or a problem?

Migration is a fundamental and complicated process from both the economic and social point of view. It has a decisive role especially in the "developed" capitalist countries, being one of the factors that keep the low price of some products.

Emigration – is it an opportunity or not?

Never in history has the phenomenon of mass emigration been more extensive than nowadays. Millions of people are migrating today by changing continents, countries, and even leaving the countryside in the favors of the urban one.

It is estimated that by 2040 more than one billion inhabitants of the planet will have left their place of origin to seek their new home elsewhere.

Is migration a necessity or a problem to be solved?

Some say that growing migration is the expression of a social failure: if wise cooperation and aid policies are a success, why do masses of people feel the need to leave? They see migration as a problem that needs to be solved and not as a phenomenon that solves the problem of labor force, like in Peru, for example.

Migration is, therefore, neither excellent nor wrong, but it depends on from which point we choose to look at it. It is merely a necessity for its society and its economic system not to stagnate. At the same time, being an immigrant means much resilience until you can prove that you are worthy of this country, pay your taxes on time and respect the country's legislation strictly. That's why it's imported when you've decided to start a new life in a foreign country to make a credible credit history. You can do that by accessing online loans with no credit check and guaranteed approval.

The benefits of commune

It is normal for migration to be supported by society, understood as a natural and useful phenomenon, not blamed on racial grounds.

Often high visa fees, high levels of bureaucracy, lack of support for labor law are some of the barriers that migrants face. Useful information is hardly accessible, and the right to work seems to be the main, and sometimes the only right immigrants have. However, more and more people are choosing this path not being fully aware of the outcome. Attracted by comparatively higher incomes than home, they decide to ignore the high cost of living "abroad" by choosing to see only the "full side of the glass". Both the authorities and the society should accept the idea that the arrival of immigrants is an opportunity for developed economies and not a phenomenon that we need to fight.

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