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February 2012

Welcome to the February 2012 edition of the Expat Peru Newsletter. We hope everyone is enjoying their summer; it’s been great beach weather here on the coast! Just remember that the sun here is fierce, and worse the farther north or higher into the mountains you go. Don’t forget to wear plenty of sunscreen, and a hat with a visor isn’t a bad idea either. Read on to see what’s going on with Expat Peru:

Blog Spotlight – This month’s blog spotlight is shining on the Ultimate Peru List, created by Sharon – the ExpatPeru forum’s own NatureGirl. When Sharon came to Peru, she put a lot of time and effort into creating a website that was full of helpful information for foreigners living or working in Peru.

Article Spotlight – This month we make the next stop in our tour of Lima’s districts with an article on the district that’s not actually a Lima district – Callao. Few people spend much time in the district of Callao other than visiting the airport when they enter or leave the country. Stop by and learn a little bit more about it!

What’s Going On? – There are plenty of activities coming up this month – Check the Expat Event Calendar in the forum if you’re looking for something to do.  And don’t forget, it’s never too soon to plan for St. Patrick’s Day, and the Irish Consulate in Lima is planning a full weekend of activities – check out their thread here.

Did You Read It? – Lots of good conversation going on in the forums:

  • Gyms and Equipment – Do you have a good local gym? Some of our members are looking for reasonably priced gyms, maybe you know the spot. Also, find out about where to buy inexpensive exercise equipment.
  • Of course, if you have thoughts and opinions on the election and possible outcomes, there’s no better place than our News and Views forum.

Classifieds: If you’ve got something you want to sell, don’t forget that we have two methods to use – Our Buy and Sell Forum and listings in our Classified Ads!

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