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January 2012

Welcome to the January 2012 ExpatPeru Newsletter – our first of the new year. We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for being a part of the ExpatPeru community and wish each and every one a happy and prosperous 2012. There’s a lot of stuff going on, so let’s get right in to it!

District Spotlight – We’re continuing our ongoing series of articles about Lima’s districts with an article on Breña. One of Lima’s smallest districts, it’s still an important one since it is home to the offices of immigration control. Find out a little bit more about this industrial district.

Blog Spotlight - This month’s Blog Spotlight is shining on a blog from Chris called Capital of Peru. Chris lives here in Lima and maintains his blog with news and information helpful to both residents and travelers. Stop by and check it out!

What’s Goin’ On? – There are a few activities planned this month, don’t forget to check out the Expat Event Calendar to keep up to date with all the haps! Whether you’re looking for a party or want learn to dance, you’ll find something to do this month. Remember, if YOU have an upcoming event, let us know so we can post it for all to see.

Coffee Get-Togethers The Starbucks Monday afternoon coffee get-together in San Isidro is still going strong into the New Year! Why not come out and make some new friends, and put faces to some of the names you see every day over on our forums? Every Monday afternoon at 4pm, and if you show up early, you can work in a little Spanish practice with forum member MusicLover.

Travelling in Peru – Are you planning on doing any travelling over the summer? Don’t forget to check in with our Travel Forum, kindly hosted by the South American Explorer’s club. Any questions, they’ve got your answers!

Did You Read It? – Lots of talk going on in the Expat Peru forums, lots of new people and lots of great conversation:

  • Airport Delays - Are you traveling or having visitors come in via Jorge Chavez Airport? Best to be aware of possible delays.
  • Looking for a Kitten? This thread has a few ideas on where to find one.
  • A Good Hot Dog? – Does such a thing even exist in Peru? Let us know what’s the best you’ve found.

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