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June 2011

Welcome to the June edition of the Expat Peru newsletter. Those of us in Lima are slowly adjusting to the cooler and cloudier winter days here on the coast. How are things in your part of Peru?

Expat Event Calendar  Expat Peru forum is keeping an Event calendar on the forum.  Looking for upcoming events? Come and check out the calendar! If you’re having an event, make sure to post it in the thread where it can be added to the calendar. There are usually several interesting events taking place each month at the South American Explorer’s club in Lima, and they’ll all be listed on the calendar.

Tuesday Coffees – Speaking of upcoming events, Tuesday’s at 4pm, expats are meeting at Starbuck’s in San Isidro, Lima.  Come and join the group for a little coffee and conversation.

Blog Spotlight – This month’s Blog Spotlight is shining on Peru Travel Trends, a blog created by Rick Vecchio. Rick runs a travel company here in Lima, and the blog focuses on the destinations, culture, archeology and history of Peru. So stop  by to learn more about the blog and say hi to Rick!

Article Spotlight – This month we make the next stop in our tour of Lima’s districts as we travel to Santiago de Surco, a district known for its green areas and great shopping.  Surco is also home to the US Embassy - as well as being the district of choice for more than a few expats!

We have another bonus article this month, with information on the legalization of international documents using the Hague Apostille. Peru is now a signatory to the agreement, of which the purpose is to certify the authenticity of documents so that they can be used internationally. Read the article to find out how this can make your life easier – and if your country is also a signatory.


Did You Read It? – Lots of good conversation going on in the forums:

  • Do you have an opinion on the results of the recent elections? You can bet a lot of expats do – come and share on the News and Views forum.
  • Do you speak French? Did you know that we now have a Francophone section of the forum? Come join in the conversation!
  • Planning on doing any traveling in Peru? Don’t forget to ask questions in our Travel forum, hosted by the good people of the South American Explorer’s Club!

Classifieds: If you’ve got something you want to sell, don’t forget to we have two methods to use – Our Buy and Sell Forum and listings in our Classified Ads!

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