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March 2013

Expat Peru
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Here are a few (but not all) of this coming week's events! They are all located in our Events Calendar located on the main page of Expat Peru. Check back frequently for the most up to date activities, concerts, art openings and more around Lima.

From March 4th to the 15th: you can enjoy arts and music in the Magdalena del Mar district.
On March 6th is the opening “Diario de un seductor” or should I say “Play it again Sam” the Peruvian adaptation of Woody Allen’s famous comedy.  
If you want to know what a Yunza Negra is, go to Chorrillos on March 9th and you’ll find out.

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Guess which celebration in March this picture is from?

Photo Credit: Luis Angel Gonzales Taipe.
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If you want to travel this week check the Grape Harvest in Ica starting on the 1st of March only 3 hours from Lima. Ica is a beautiful place to experience nature in the middle of the desert, drink some Cachina and enjoy the dunes. This Festival is on up until the 11th.

Expat Peru
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E-Books About Peru
This week try:

Growing Up in a Culture of Respect: Child Rearing in Highland Peru (Louann Atkins Temple Women & Culture)Growing Up in a Culture of Respect: Child Rearing in Highland Peru
(Louann Atkins Temple Women & Culture)

Associations and Clubs for Expats in Peru
Here are a few of the places you can visit if your an expat living in Peru:
Women with Wine

An informal women's wine club in Lima for women with "no pretension of knowing anything about wine except that we enjoy drinking it". Meetings are held once a month at a member's home and feature an evening of light-hearted wine tasting and conversation.

American Women's Literary Club 

The American Women's Literary Club is a non-profit association in Peru supporting education since 1922.  The AWLC mission is to provide intellectual and cultural exchange for English-speaking women of diverse backgrounds and interests in an atmosphere of friendship.

Canadian Women's Club

 The American and Canadian Association  of Peru is an organization dedicated to affording American and Canadian citizens the opportunity to enjoy the culture and heritage of their native countries while enjoying and adapting to the customs and history of Peru.

Photo of the week
A woman sits with three girls outside the military academy where a funeral ceremony will take place for Venezuela's late President Hugo Chavez, in Caracas on March 8.
Source: NBC News

Photo Credit: NBC News


XIV Andean Livestock Branding Festival

For this week you can enjoy the beautiful Cerro de Pasco from March 15 to 17. This interesting celebration consists of branding livestock with tape or paint accompanied by songs in Quechua and dedicated to the shepherds and the animals. Many communities in Pasco celebrate this including San Miguel de Cuchis in Vilcabamba.

Expat Peru
Carpet of Flowers During Semana Santa in Tarma

A "Carpet of Flowers" During Semana Santa in Tarma.

Tarma is known for it´s beautiful flower carpets. During Semana Santa there is a contest and beautiful, large flower carpets line the streets. There are processions, food and crowds are drawn to the streets to admire the art and celebrate Semana Santa. Tarma is a great location for travel because not only can you see the beautiful flower festival but it is a 1 hour drive from the border of the jungle (La Merced) and makes visiting both the sierra and the jungle accessible..


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For your long-weekend travel plans, read : 
Great place for a weekend away from Lima?
Semana Santa Travel Ideas

March 28 to March 31, 2013

1. Ayacucho, Peru (Central Peru).
2. Mancora, Peru (Located on the Northern Coast of Peru).
3. Cajamarca, Peru (Located in the Northern Sierra of Peru). 

4. Tarma, Peru (Located in Central Peru).
5. Huancavelica (Located in Central Peru).

Peru Travel 

Sights to see In Lima 

Travelers coming to Peru usually have one of the major attractions such as Cuzco and Machu Picchu or a jungle lodge as their final destination.  They often see Lima as just one stop on the way.  But there are so many interesting things to see in and near Lima that it’s worth taking an extra few days to explore. Click here to read the complete article.


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