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Paying the Annual Tasa (Foreigner’s Tax) on Your Carnet de Extranjeria

This text has been updated by RGB AVOCATS on November 30th 2015.  RGB AVOCATS is a law firm specialized in Foreign Investment and Immigration Law.

If you have a Carnet de Extranjeria, you will be responsible each year for paying two different fees.  The first is the Prorroga de Residencia – this is a renewal fee on your carnet, and it needs to be paid on the anniversary of the issuance of your carnet. The other is called the Tasa Anual de Extranjeria (“Tasa”), which is basically a ‘foreigner’s tax’ and needs to be paid at the beginning of each year.  This article will explain the steps you’ll need to take to pay for the tasa anual.

To pay for the tasa annual, you pay the $20 at the Banco de la Nacion, and take the receipt to the third floor of immigrations to get your sticker.
Some categories of residents are exempt from paying the Tasa, You’ll need the following:

  • Form F-007 (print for free here or get one free from MIGRACIONES, at the information booth just inside the door to the left)
  • Simple copy of your Carnet de Extranjeria.
  • The receipt from your payment to the Banco de la Nacion
  • If you’re  exempt from paying the Tasa, you’ll need to show  the correct documentation:
  1. Married to Peruvian – You’ll need a NEW copy of your Acta de Matrimonio – you cannot use an old copy.
  2. Religious – a letter from your religious association, legalized by the corresponding administrative entity.
  3. Politic asylum or Refugee – a simple copy of resolution from Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores of Peru.
  4. Persons under the age of 18 years old – a copy of Carnet de Extranjeria valid of your parents (father or mother).
  5. “Inmigrante”. He or she must prove that his/her salary is below the minimum wage.

It’s important to pay the Tasa ($20 USD) on time, at the beginning of the year.  You have from January until March to pay with no fine, after that there is a fine levied which rises every 3 months.

Finally, your Carnet de Extranjeria only has a limited number of spaces on the back for stickers.  When it’s filled, you’ll need to get a duplicate carnet.  You can find instructions for this procedure by visiting Getting a Duplicate Carnet de Extranjeria.

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