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Peru this Week

Peru this Week is your English language news source and lifestyle magazine in Peru.

Their dedicated team brings you the big news daily, as well as travel, food, lifestyle, business, and events.

The online publication started out as Living in Peru way back in 2005, and then split into Peru this Week, Living in Peru, and The Break.

Peru this Week is the world’s window on Peru. Readers all over the world use it as their primary news source for all things Peru. Living in Peru is aimed at the Expat community living in Peru, telling you what’s going on near you. And, there is also The Break; a resource for English language learners focusing on life in Lima and pop culture across the globe.

Their aim is to keep you up to date about this beautiful country and to inform you about everything you need to know about living, working, traveling, and investing in Peru.

Peru This Week

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