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Weddings in Peru

Ten years ago, when I chose to get married in Peru, I never have thought it would later become a popular place for international couples to “tie the knot”.  Back then, it was my only choice as I was getting married to an American and I wanted all our US and worldwide friends to share my special day with me in my own country.  I was then living in the states and decided to undertake the task of organizing my wedding in Peru.  The appeal of the idea was astounding and we ended up with half of guests coming from abroad!!  And it was beautiful.

Get Married in Peru

Nowadays, Peru has evolved to become a popular international wedding destination for many reasons with a growing number of couples who are searching for a memorable wedding experience, and a good place to kick off a honeymoon, and airfares aside, couples can arrange absolutely fantastic dream-weddings in Peru for about the same price they would spend for an average wedding back home.

Get Married in Peru

At first blush, a “Peru wedding” can sound like a logistical nightmare, but it doesn't have to be that way. This is where professional wedding planners step-in to help with arrangements every step of the way, and who can even help plan the stay of your guests so they can also take advantage of everything magical Peru has to offer.

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