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Surfing in Lima

Peru is becoming more and more popular among surfers eager to test the waves on the long Pacific coastline. With 250 kilometers of surf in Lima, there is a wide range of surfing options. While there is some surfing in Lima proper, most of the best surfing is to be found further south. The best swells hit from May through August, and water temperatures range from 16o C in the winter to 21 o in the summer (about 60 o - 70 o).

In Lima, there are several beaches popular among surfers. You can usually find boards in the water in Miraflores at Waikiki beach – so named by Carlos Dogny, a Peruvian sugarcane heir who returned to Lima from Hawaii in 1942 with a surfboard in hand. Waikiki and Makaha beaches in Miraflores are considered good places for beginners and there are several surf schools in the area. Pukana Surf School comes highly recommended in our forum, as does Olas Peru. For a decent instructor, expect to pay around S/.40-50 per hour.

A little further down, in the district of Chorrillos, lies the beach of La Herradura. More appropriate for experienced surfers, La Herradura is known for its strong left break. If you’re patient and wait for a big swell, the waves at La Herradura are worth it.

Serious surfers will want to head down south to the district of Punta Hermosa. Located near KM43 on the Panamerican Highway, Punta Hermosa has some of the best surfing in Peru. Famous as the birthplace of world champion surfer Sofia Mulanovich, Punta Hermosa is where you’ll find Pico Alto, a beach for experts where waves average 4 meters in height. Nearby Cabelleros is a good beach for the average surfer, with tubular waves that average 1-2meters.

If you’re willing to travel outside of Lima, in the north you can find some of the world’s best surfing. For more information on beaches to the north, check with WannaSurf’s guide to North Peru. The beaches around Mancora have been a favorite among our forum members, but note that it can get crowded during the high season.

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