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Updating Your Carnet de Extranjeria


This text has been updated by RGB AVOCATS on November 30th 2015.  RGB AVOCATS is a law firm specialized in Foreign Investment and Immigration Law.

If you’re a Peruvian resident, living in the country on a carnet de extranjeria, there may come a time when you’ll need to change your registered information. If you get married or divorced, change addresses or jobs, you must go to the immigration offices to modify your data and receive a new CE. You’re carnet should be updated within 30 days of whatever status change you’ve made. Following are the steps involved:

  • Form F-007 – you can click here to print one out for free, or pick up a copy at the MIGRACIONES offices.
  • Pay S/. 22.10 to the Banco de la Nacion.
  • Depending on your situation, you’ll need the following:
    • If you need to change your marital status, you’ll be required to show your partida de matrimonio, a ‘defuncion del conyuge’ (annulment) or a divorce decree if the marriage/divorce took place in Peru. If it was done outside of the country, you’ll need to have those documents legalized at the consulate nearest where they were issued or apostilled and officially translated.
    • If you’ve changed your nationality, you’ll need to bring a notarized legal photocopy of your renunciation of nationality or your certification of having adopted another.
    • If you’ve received a new passport, you’ll be required to show a notarized legal photocopy of the new passport. Be prepared to show the original.
    • If you’ve moved to a new home, you’ll need to take a simple sworn statement in regards to your change of address.

When making changes to your data, you will be required to update to a current photo if it has been five years or more since your previous card was issued. Remember to keep copies for yourself of all documents that you turn in to MIGRACIONES. Once you turn in all your documentation, you’ll be told to return in five days to receive your new carnet.

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