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Volunteering in Peru

Peru is full of opportunities for people who want to dedicate part of their time helping others, while learning about its culture and its people.

South American Explorers’ database contains detailed information about the different types of volunteer work that has been conducted by its members in the past. As there are many for-profit companies who are charging a considerate "placement fee" for anyone who wants to go abroad and volunteer, SAE sticks with its motto and tries to provide its members with the tools to arrange their own volunteer placement. SAE is a nonprofit organization that encourages and supports responsible tourism. In order to benefit people in need as well as members searching for opportunities, contact SAE if you know of an organisation that is looking for volunteers or if you would like to send support in the way of materials and/or financial assistance.

  • South American Explorers
  • If you are planning to go to the Cuzco area, another association you might want to check out is Hampy.
  • Volunteer Work Opportunities in Peru
  • In Peru’s North, close to the city of Piura, another terrific association to contact is Ayni.
  • Today for you, tomorrow for me
  • At the time of writing, Peru does not offer a special visa category for volunteers, so you will need to enter the country with a tourist visa, which has certain time restrictions.

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