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When is it cheapest to fly from Peru?

Being an Expat there is no doubt that you are often pondering a visit home to see friends or family, however the cost of flights can be off-putting, especially if flying long distance. To help with this, flight search engine Trabber.pe has compiled a study to find out what are the cheapest months of the year to travel from Peru.

Trabber.pe conducted the study by comparing all searches and purchases made in their search engine for cheap flights, finding that April is the best month to travel for saving money, where consumers have saved an average of 38.3%. Significant average savings have also been made in May (37.8%), February (31.9%), and October (30.4%).

In contrast it was found that July is the most expensive month to travel, followed by December and January.

The website also conducted a study on when is best to book, finding that September is generally the best time to do so, where there has been an average saving of 15.8%. July again finds itself at the as the most expensive month, due to the high season.

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