Casuarinas International: Welcoming foreign families into our community


At Casuarinas International, we constantly take families from different parts of the world in, each with their own cultural baggage and, sometimes, with different traditions and beliefs. This exercise of communication and coexistence enriches the involved parties and develops our tolerance, empathy and mutual understanding.

Find out more about Casuarinas International cultural exchange and how this practice complements itself with the experiences that our students from all parts of the world have every year, allowing them to grow as welcoming, open-minded and adaptable people.

Educating for globalization

At Casuarinas International, we do our best to be good hosts, transmitting that same feeling to our kids, who care about and support our Exchange students. Their wide interest to get to know them and integrate them to the school, making them feel like home, makes their adaptation process easier in their new adventure in Peru.

This inclusive culture is strengthened by the increasing number of international students and teachers joining the Casuarinas Community. These new members come from more than a dozen different countries, such as Argentina, Brazil, USA and China.

Furthermore, the implementation of the 4 International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes encourages the development of an international mind in our students, based on a ground-breaking, solid and reflective methodology.

Connecting to the world

The global identity that students at Casuarinas International College develop is enhanced by the exchange programmes the school offers along with other schools and institutions worldwide, giving them the opportunity to spend several weeks experiencing the educational systems of some of the most advanced societies of the world, such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the USA.

These international experiences keep us prepared to receive new students from all around the world, offering them a wide range of facilities to make their transition easier. Our Psychology Department supervises each foreign student individually. Students from the same foreign country entering the same level are put together in one classroom. And we offer extra academic support for those students having language barrier problems.

We also feel it is important to incorporate the international parents into our community, since they also go through an adaptation process in a new country. We have the ‘Family Fun Day’, where we introduce the countries of our international community through tasting of typical dishes and useful trivia during the international fair. Finally, Mrs. Pilar Deza, the school founder, organizes a cocktail party for all foreign parents to make them feel welcome and where they can get to know each other.

At Casuarinas International College we deeply care for our international family, since we consider it a great source of inspiration to carry our international education proposal to new excellence levels.

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