Cosmetic Surgery in Peru – Costs


Surgical procedures in Peru can cost less than in the USA. Here in Lima, there is an opportunity to take treatments at a lower cost while still receiving the high-quality care and comforts that we have come to expect from countries such as the USA.

Many people have physical features that they have spent years wishing were different. Others have conditions that impact their daily lives to a point where it affects their health.

Cosmetic surgeries in Peru. ©GBdeZeeuw

Cosmetic surgery is focused on enhancing a patient’s appearance and improving aesthetic appeal. This includes procedures like: a breast lift, facelift, tummy tuck, nose job, chin augmentation or reduction.

Meanwhile, plastic surgery is more focused on repairing defects to reconstruct an area of the body that has suffered trauma, disease, burns or birth disorders. This includes breast reconstruction, cleft palate, burn repairs, hand surgery, scar revision surgery etc.

It is interesting to know that some procedures have additional benefits:

For example, a nose job (rhinoplasty) might not only improve facial appearance, but can reduce the risk of sinus infections. A male breast reduction can reduce the risk of cancer forming, as fatty and unwanted tissue is significantly reduced. Some women that have very large breasts often experience severe back pain which a breast reduction surgery can eliminate or reduce.

Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

is still surgery, so it should always have careful consideration. However, it is important to consider that a procedure does not always give the patient the results they want. This is often a problem with expectations and not an issue with the skill of the surgeon.

If you are considering a plastic or cosmetic surgery procedure, it is wise to go and talk to a board-certified surgeon. Discuss with the doctor what you would like to do, ask all your questions, see the clinic first hand and get a quote for your treatment. It is recommendable to go for a follow-up appointment 10 – 14 days later to ask additional questions, which will no doubt come to your mind after the first appointment.

In conclusion, here is a price comparison chart that shows approximate costs for some surgical treatments:

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