Dental Treatment in Peru – Costs and Options


Quality dental treatments in Peru are more accessible than North America, even when being seen in a top-rated clinic, but just how much can you save? Firstly, if you are considering taking dental treatments in Peru, it is important to consider several important deciding factors: 1. Cost estimate of each procedure 2. Time in the chair per day 3. Total time needed to stay in Peru 4. Flight & accommodation expenses While no costs are set in stone, some factors to consider which determine the cost of dental procedures are, amongst others, (i) geographical location, (ii) the skill and experience of the doctor, (iii) the technology used in the clinic, (iv) the complexity of your treatment and (v) the amount of time required by the doctor. One of the most sought after procedures is the dental implant,These are used to replace missing teeth which in many parts of North America can run into a few thousand dollars per implant. Multiply that by five or six in case of multiple missing teeth and you’re looking at big numbers. Another example are dental crowns. One such restoration can reach US$1000-1500 in the USA and take several days, or even weeks for the procedure to be complete, including several visits to the dentist.

Get a perfect smile with the latest dental technology in Peru. ©Jon Tyson

With the latest advances in 3D CAD CAM technology, patients are now getting one-day crowns and restorations in Lima at less than 50% of the cost for a similar treatment in North America. We say ‘similar’ because many American dentists have not upgraded to the one-day system of CAD CAM metal-free restorations and instead still take uncomfortable impressions which are sent out to an external lab. These labs use an alloy-metal base for crowns and cover it in a porcelain cap. For this reason, dark lines can sometimes be seen around the gums of the restoration due to the metal-alloy filtrating in to the body. This is not the case with CAD CAM restorations as treatment finishes on just one appointment and all restorations are metal free, being made from pure ceramic blocks. Another popular treatment which people pack their bags for and travel overseas is to replace old amalgam fillings with ceramic restorations to restore strength, biting surface and contour to a tooth. Removing amalgam requires a special procedure to ensure the patient does not inhale or swallow any part of this old-style restoration.

In more recent years, people have begun to take much more interest in their overall health and now understand that metals, alloys and mercury (such as old amalgam fillings) have a negative effect on the human body. For reference, is one of the oldest and largest resources on the internet regarding mercury toxicity issues with a special focus on dental treatments and mercury free dentists throughout the world. In conclusion, patients that need major restorative dental treatments find a trip to Peru well worth their time and effort, with savings often reaching in to thousands of dollars. Those who need less treatments are also making the trip to Peru. However, this is often to combine lower cost dental treatments with a trip to visit Machu Picchu, the Amazon and other regions that are popular tourist attractions. Here is a price comparison chart that shows approximate costs for some dental treatments:

Author Lloyd Hannis is the owner of Surgery in Peru, a web service specializing in connecting patients with quality medical care in Peru.