Dermatology Treatment in Peru – Costs


Out of all the medical sectors in Lima, perhaps some of the biggest savings can be found in dermatology treatments.

A dermatologist is a doctor that specialises in the skin, nails and hair. Treatments are used to improve the appearance of skin, correcting flaws such as acne, scars and wrinkles.

Here are some interesting facts from the American Academy of Dermatology:

  • It is normal to lose 50 – 100 hairs a day! There are different treatments available for those people experiencing worrying amounts of hair-loss. One non-surgical and very successful treatment is Plasma.
  • Around 1 in 5 people with tattoos have thought about having them removed. This is a process that normally involves several appointments with the dermatologist using a special Q-Switched laser.
  • Melanoma is the most serious and common kind of skin cancer for young adults who are 25-29 years old.
  • It is recommended to see a dermatologist at least once per year to check moles and any new or strange marks on the skin.

Many people are not aware of the variety of treatments available with a good dermatologist, some of which include the following:
– CO2 fractional laser technology
– Botox
– Fillers
– Scar, mole, wart and hair removal
– Platelet-rich Plasma for natural skin rejuvenation
– Laser treatment for acne scars
– Chemical peels
– Dermabrasion
– Laser resurfacing
– Vitamin C, mega dosage
– Deep facial cleanings

It is important to mention a common misperception – and it is a longstanding misperception, at that – that dermatology treatments are just for women. Male dermatology and cosmetic treatments are fast becoming one of the most popular choices for the modern man.

Nowadays, it is simply more acceptable for men to look their best and maintain a healthy, youthful appearance. Consider how many more photos we are taking of ourselves and putting online due to the rise of social media. This self-reflection is the ideal motivation to look and feel our best.

Cosmetic dermatology treatments are a great way to maintain a positive body image for men and women, but where should you start? How do you know which treatments may be right for you? We suggest a consultation with a dermatologist to chat about your needs.

However, some of the most sought after treatments
include CO2 laser treatments, botox and fillers.

For example, botox are used to reduce or eliminate lines and wrinkles, while fillers are used to fill deeper lines like those between your nose and mouth. They are different, but complimentary procedures.

Meanwhile, CO2 laser treatments are used for skin rejuvenation, improving tone and complexion by increasing the production of collagen and hyaluronic fibres.

In conclusion, here is a price comparison chart that shows approximate costs for some dermatology treatments:

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